Monday, 2 November 2009

super shed

im so confused!!
how do i get people to read this?? and how do i find other fun stuff to read!! to be honest there really is no point in this unless someone reads it. so operation read my blog starts here!

on a side note, i found this in one of my folders.

this was part of a design for a super shed!! basically a garden hut that looked normal from the outside but upon entering the shed you realize that it has a whole maze of rooms beneath it!

peter's little story of underground sheds...
there once was a man who decided to dig under his house to get to the banks vault, it took him 20 years of dig dig digging but he got there in the end. although when he did finally reach the bank on the corner of his high st the bank had moved. a bit of a fitting story really!


Im doing well, finally have figured out how to do this blog thing, i am easily confused to be honest.

A Few Concerns

Now is there really any point in a blog when there is nothing to really talk about??

The only thing if this really does wee in the face of all those who say one should be elusive, i've spent my whole facebook/myspace life not giving anything away, cleverly hiding anything that may get me stalked or fleeced of all my worldly funds (although that's a bit pointless seen as i am in so much student debt that a stolen identity may be a good thing) that i must apologize in advance for being a little cagey - bear with me

I guess i'll now be trying to do more interesting stuff so i'll have something to write about??

that is all!